The Band


Kolt Barber drummer, Joe


How old were you when you started playing?

Started playing drum beats when was 3 or 4 even without a drum kit, but piano was the first instrument I ever had access to. 

What instruments do you play?

Started teaching myself piano before I ever owned drums. Once I got a set, I fell in love with drums and I always have loved them. After that, I picked up guitar and later mandolin. (Love bluegrass music.)

What made you decide to be in the music business?

What made me decide... hmmmm... I heard God call me almost as clear as an audible voice one night in high school.

What do you like to do when you’re not on the road?

I love chilling with family, writing, writing , and writing. (Also, fishing and drinking coffee.) 

Favorite Kolt story?

The moment I was really hoping I’d get the job and he popped in the room with that huge Kolt smile and a thumbs up! He told me he liked my aggression on the drums and I knew we were gonna be ok.

Coolest thing that’s ever happened to you?

The coolest thing that’s ever happened to me, besides Jesus’ grace, I’d have to say ... man..where in the world do I go from here? I have a wife that is out of my league, kids who love me unconditionally, parents who taught me to dream , I get paid to play music, caught lots of fish... OH... AND I have met Ricky Skaggs a few times, he’s even seen me play. He’s my #1 musical influence.

Favorite memory on the road?          

Favorite road memory. I was playing in another band with Casey and we were  in California in a tour bus. We had our guitars out singing Garth Brooks, and the TV fell on Casey’s head.


Reader, gamer, or watcher?  

Terrible at reading. Not big on games much except for the last couple years me and my wife have built quite the strategy board game collection!  But I must say that my favorite is chilling in nostalgic environments. Anything that reminds me of the mountains or mountain music.

Radio or iPod?

I rock Pandora or Spotify a lot over radio.


Love a crowd or are you a loner?

Love crowds!  I do love refreshing alone time. I am a ham for making people smile and laugh. I’ll keep going as long as they’re laughing.

Summer or Winter?

Fall up until Christmas is my blissful time of year. LOOOVVVEEE fall leaves and food, Tennessee football, and then that leads to Christmas. I dare you to find a bigger Christmas lover than me!

Flip flops or boots?

Boots, except on the road. Flip flops for shower runs and bus potty trips!


Outdoors or indoors?

Outdoors if I can fish or if it’s fall. Indoors if it’s 200 degrees and 99 percent humidity outside.

I’m complicatedly simple! 

Salty or sweet snacks?

All food. All food. (except blue cheese, pickled beets, and ketchup on hot dogs, that’s for weirdos.)           


Comedy or drama?

Love comedy. Cry at all dramas. Even The Fox and The Hound. I cried in a commercial once. Seriously me? 



What was your first gig?

First job was playing for the Dixie Echoes, a Gospel quartet from Florida. I was 16.

Tell us about what instruments that you play and how you learned?

Piano. I started playing by ear at age 8 after learning 3 chords and praying that God would give me the gift of music. I also play enough bass, acoustic and drums to be dangerous.

Do you have a favorite kind of piano/ keyboard to play?

I love Yamaha pianos, they are the most consistently perfect pianos, but when I find a really GOOD Baldwin, that is probably next to the very best. The all-time best is a piano that isn’t made anymore: the Mason Hamlin BB. Best piano ever built!! On the road I use a Roland RD700-GX. It has great organ, keys, piano and pad sounds and is set up really well for live performance. It has excellent weight on the keys and realistic feel. I’ve had mine for several years and will probably stick with Roland’s replacement when it comes time to do so. (Unless someone is looking for a lucrative endorsement, and perhaps I’ll sway).

 When you are not on tour, what is your favorite thing to do?

“On the Road” is my natural habitat. I do however, spend a lot of time pretending to be a farmer: running a tractor and such. But I also do studio work when we’re not traveling. I’m almost always “working”.

So, would you call your farming efforts more of a hobby?

Yes, I have had a good ole fashioned garden most years.

We must know... BEST road story?

When Randy Miller and I were both with the Kingsmen (probably 1998) we sang at the Queen’s Way Cathedral in Toronto. It was really cold, and we were to take showers at the church. There was no hot water. And Randy, being an all-around Mr. Fix it, found a room with a dozen water controls (many were labeled in French). He dialed on them till we got hot water. However, while we were on stage the baptistery (at what was then the largest church in Canada) began to overflow. I don’t think Randy ever confessed to his plumbing work.

Favorite Kolt story?

I’m blown away by Kolt as a writer and singer, and then I found out he’s an inventor. I was floored to find out he created the machine that we see at all the Agrisoma concerts in the display area. It takes Carinata seeds and makes oil in a matter of seconds while you watch.


Eat out or homemade?


Vinyl’s or mp3’s?

I love the idea of vinyl and have many, but realistically, MP3

Dress up or shorts and a tshirt?

Jeans, at least

Sports car or minivan?


Beach or mountains?

Mountains (but we usually go to the beach)

R&R or full throttle ahead?

Full Throttle

Hustle and bustle or tranquility?


Bluegrass or jazz?




Tell us about your musical journey…

At eight years of age, my mother kindly showed me how to play  “ The Wildwood Flower” and I haven’t stopped loving music since.

What is life like off the road?

I am a career musician currently in Nashville, TN. I make my living recording/ playing live performances with Kolt, writing songs and producing projects.

What is your most heart touching moment on the road?

Meeting, knowing, and working with Johnny Cash and Mother Maybelle Carter, June’s mother.
Mother Maybelle Carter wrote the first song I learned to play, “The Wildwood Flower”!

Can you tell us who you've played for in the studio, on tour, etc...

When I first came to Nashville, I set out to complete what began even before the guitars… I believe I have a calling on my life for music. My mom swore that I would dance in her belly
when my Dad practiced with fellow musicians in our living room.
I remember the early "Twang Town times” with Dottie Rambo, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many others, like The Elvis Presley Show, Jerry Garcia Band, Tanya Tucker, really so many others.
But I gotta say, I am blessed to be pickin’ now with Kolt Barber, one of the finest in the business, the REAL DEAL!

Why music?

John L. Rich Sr., my dad and friend, allowed me to be in his band, The Country Playboys. The pedal steel became my passion and guess what? Twang…I fell in love!  Listening to WSM is where I wanted to be, playing all the classics with Dad, being groomed to go in his stead.

What is your inspiration?

The Word Of God.

What is the best part about being out on tour with Kolt?

Every day is an awesome opportunity to experience peace and joy with KOLT & THE BOYS. It is hilarious to say the least! Many great moments!!

Do you have a favorite hobby?

My very favorite…You guessed it, MUSIC!

Can you tell us about your family life?

I am blessed with my family, including a pretty girlfriend who I have known quite a few years.


Hot or cold drink?



Old school or modern?

Old School 

Frivolous or frugal?


Jeans and a t-shirt or black tie?

Jeans and T shirt 


Sunshine or moonlight?

Moon light 

Picnic in the park or  night on the town? 

Night on the town 

Fly by the seat of your pants or structure? 

Flying by the seat of my structured pants. LOL   (ok... that was funny!)

Sleep or go.go.go?

GoGoGo with naps!


Randy Miller, musician extraordinaire

Of everything you could choose, why music?

Why music, well I come from a musical family on my father's side. There are 10 siblings 7 boys and 3 girls, and out of those 10 siblings 8 play and sing. They each play more than one instrument (I might add) . On my mother's side, my mom sang and her sister sang. So, I guess I was kind of born into it! I really fell in love with music at a very early age. I love how it can take someone who is sad, broken-hearted, and make them feel good again. It absolutely stirs emotions and has a healing quality. I love people, that's why I love music.

Randy, you play nearly every instrument  and with either hand! Which is your favorite?

My favorite instrument to play really depends on where I am in my life. One day it could be guitar the next day it could be dobro or harmonica. Or if I'm writing, I enjoy playing piano. I'm ADD so I can't really stay with one thing!

Who inspires you, musically?

My inspiration musically has been from various artists.  Vocally, I love 

Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight. From a musician standpoint, I love Gary Smith, Ricky Skaggs, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, the Hinson's (ok, them vocally too), Terry McMillan, Howard Levy. So many GREATS!


You have played with so many acts through the years, both live and in the studio, who are some that stand-out?

I LOVE gospel music too, so The Kingsmen, Gaither videos, Gold City, Cathedrals, the Talleys, Karen Peck, The Perry's.  Now the country side is super cool to me.  I was able to play with Ricky Skaggs Got to play on a record with Tony Rice, 

Billy Bob Thornton. Those are some of the ones I can remember! lol!


OK… what is your BEST road story? 

--Randy did not get to answer this, Andrew beat him to it and said, WAIT!     

Let me tell it!--

When Randy Miller and I were both with the Kingsmen (probably 1998) we sang at the Queen’s Way Cathedral in Toronto. It was really cold, and we were to take showers at the church. There was no hot water. And Randy, being an all-around Mr. Fix it, found a room with a dozen water controls (many were labeled in French). He dialed on them till we got hot water. However, while we were on stage the baptistery (at what was then the largest church in Canada) began to overflow. I don’t think Randy ever confessed to his plumbing work.

**(and the entire room is in tears laughing right now at Andrew’s story)


Camping or resort vacay? 

I love camping over vacay. 

All-or-nothing or somewhere in the middle? 

I am a all-in kind of guy.

T-shirt or button down?  

I'm sort of a button-down kind of a guy. 

Breakfast or supper? 

I am definitely a supper guy! Not a super guy but a supper guy! lol

Love to chill, workaholic? 

I'm somewhere in between a workaholic and a chill person. I do find myself working more than chilling.

Right or left handed?  

I'm ambidextrous.

Black & white or full color? 

I like full color. 

Homemade or grab-and-go? 

For sure… homemade, 


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