Kolt Barber is an award winning, American country music singer, songwriter, and entertainer.

When you sit down with Kolt and converse, you will go on a roller-coaster ride of emotions as he shares his life's stories.  Much like the music he writes and sings, this history unfolds with twists and turns; some happy, some not so happy.

Kolt recalls a particular evening while hanging out with Waylon Jennings; "LB (Larry Butler), Waylon, and I were trying to eat some Mexican food.  Waylon is one of my all-time heroes, so just knowing him was cool enough! I will never forget this day, he looked at me and said 'Son, I'm not sure what you do best~ write music, sing, or eat tacos!' (insert laughs around the room)."

Kolt continues, "After we all re-grouped, cuz Waylon just had a way of delivering a line, it hit me~ WOW, he just complimented my music!  Talk about surreal!"  Recalling more moments like that, makes Kolt smile.  He, admittedly, "could tell these stories all day long."  

Every now and then, you would see him look off, contemplative of the life he has lived so far.  Working with Miles Bell was clearly a high point in Kolt's life.  "Miles wasn't just a manager, he was my friend", Kolt shakes his head.  "When he passed, it was hard to think about writing or singing.  It took me a minute to get back in the game".  

We are so thankful he did!  Churning out hits has never been a problem for Kolt and his newest release, Send The Rain, is no exception.  One can feel the emotion that has influenced the writing, as well as the performance.  It is a picture of a farmer (and the correlating barren spirit) desperate for the gift of refreshing rain needed for continued life.  When asked about the song, Kolt summed up his journey by saying, "Without what we need, there is no life.  Throughout life our needs may change, but the result doesn't!"

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"Kolt Barber and his band were a HUGE hit at the Walthall County Dairy Festival this year.  We've received so many positive comments from folks that absolutely loved the show. The music was different and the professionalism of Kolt and his band was outstanding.  It was a wonderful show and everyone had a great time and we greatly look forward to the group joining us at the Walthall County Dairy Festival again next year."

Walthall County Chamber of Commerce

Tylertown, MS


I have been in this business for many many years, met and interviewed many of Country Music’s greatest artists and as a person of integrity, compassion and talent I would have to say that Kolt Barber would have to rank right up there with the best of them. An artist who has not compromised his standards or values. 

Big Country Wes James 

Classic and Traditional Country Music Director 92.9 WAAC , Valdosta Ga.  


  “I very much enjoyed having Kolt in studio this morning. I was most impressed with his voice and music. I was even more impressed with the caliber of person he is. He is a rare person in this day & age but a very welcome encouragement in our society.”

Brian Allen  


"Nashville comes to Jasper, GA!!!  One of the best singers and bands that I have listened to in a while.  Keepin' it REAL!"

Dwight Barnett