The skilled “jack of all trades,” who has honed his craft to write, compose and produce trademarked tunes as a career singer/songwriter and recording artist, channels his inner spirit and real time life experiences to tell musical tales that comes straight from the heart. The new single (written and produced by Barber) is no exception as an authentic signature in the “Kolt Barber” brand. The rock ‘n roll maverick delivers a fierce vocal performance fired by wide open electric guitars (seven total—from Gibson to Fender) making “Cowboy” as exciting as an 8-second-ride in just under 3:17.

“My way of livin’ is simple and I’m inspired by the long line of legendary men born in the West who worked to make their living moving cows, growing crops in the fields, or riding a bucking bull,” Kolt Barber said. “I wanted to write something that encapsulates that history and paints the imagery. The track is a no-nonsense, traditional country song that speaks for itself. We just let the horses run and let the music do the talkin’.”

~  Kolt Barber,  "Cowboy".

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